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SEL Designs and installs state of the Art Building and Office Automation and Security Systems, Lighting & Lighting Control Systems, HVAC Control and Monitoring Systems, CCTV Systems, Sound Systems, Fire Alarm Systems and more, to suit your need. Working with world class product suppliers we ensure that the end-product is state of the art solution tailored to every individual or corporation's needs.

Buildings of the Future

The buildings of the future are no longer in the imagination of one's mind, they are here and they are here to stay.


Today's buildings are equipped with state of the art systems which monitor all the aspects of the functionality of the building from Security to Energy Efficiency,  Lighting & Climate Control, Access Control Systems and Parking Management Systems


The buildings of the future are are very fast becoming a part of our daily lives and as we embrace the future so do the buildings and offices that we dwell and live in.

Products & Services
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

  • Sound Systems and Emergency Evacuation Systems

  • Fire Protection & Detection Systems

  • CCTV Systems

  • Access Control

  • Parking Management Systems

  • Professional Lighting Solutions

  • Entertainment Systems


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